“Everything has Beauty, but not everyone sees it!” Confuzius

Christine is a Swiss fashion photographer based in London. Having lived, studied and worked in Ireland, Switzerland, Italy and the UK has left her enriched with a flair for cultures that stimulates the creativity and personality of her work. She speaks four languages fluently, German, English, French and Italian.

Christine was the first photographer to work with Project DNA and the product images she developed have become timeless works of art in themselves. She finds beauty wherever she aims her lens. Whether they’re candid portraits or high-fashion editorials, her images are shot with the belief that every face tells a story, and every figure is an instrument of creativity.

She has shot for labels such as Max Factor, Elemis, NailsInc, SteinRohner, Catherine Wales, PAMB, Aetheree, It’s Lauber as well as published work in various international Editions of Harpers Bazaar, Tatler, Marie Claire, ELLE, L’Officiel, Madame Figaro, Town&Country, Stella, One Magazine, Hunger, Sicky, Wylde and many others.

Currently she lives and works between Berlin, Switzerland & London as well as internationally.


Digits2Widgets has steadily assembled a highly skilled, creative and professional team from across the design spectrum. The innovation in Project DNA at the time was a new direction for us, as we had not previously worked on such creative fashion pieces. The work and time involved in the intricacy and detail contributed to the success of the project and we now work with multiple creatives exploring new techniques and pushing boundaries in the world of fashion.

Templar has consistently centered his career around creative thinking, design, client experience design, tech, strategy and managing teams. Templar continues to guide the branding direction and online presence of Project DNA.

As part of his obsession with ongoing learning and information, he participates in courses ranging from Social Media, AI, UX, CX and physical computing to innovation and philosophy.

He occasionally abuses a MENSA membership just to access the geeky talks. In addition to his own 3 kids, he has been involved in projects exploring how innovation and technology can help to evolve education, for both kids and adults.