Gurdjieff refers to the 3 parts that make up the human being, “the thought, the feeling and the body” (2011) as being those, if developed equally, will lead to the truth. Gurdijief, having studied the inner world of man, refers to the truth as being an understanding of the self, and for those with a deep sense of dissatisfaction (a common emotion in todays world) the ability to distinguish the real from the illusory.

Our thoughts, our feelings and our body are our entirety. Our thoughts and feelings are applied to everything we do and our body, healthy or unhealthy, strong or weak, is the machine that enables or disables those commands.

So how do I / you / we, in my / your / our entirety, translate into fashion?

It is undetermined when man first wore clothing but there is evidence of a clothed body pre-Neolithic era. Clothing our bodies is a requirement against the  elements but how we choose to clothe our bodies is a representation of our inner self.

“The London Museum cites that between 700BC and 50AD pins were developed into brooches during an age of image building, allowing layers of drapery to be secured.” (Wales, 2012) The stage of our inner self is reflected on our outer image.

Project DNA focuses on three common human characteristics; Spirituality, Reflection and Judgment of others, and Functional needs.